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Virtual Reception

A virtual reception service is essential for both trade and small businesses as it offers numerous benefits and enhances overall operational efficiency.


Acting as the first point of contact for clients and customers, a virtual receptionist can handle incoming calls, schedule appointments, and provide information about products or services. This service ensures that important calls are answered promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction and preventing missed business opportunities.


By outsourcing reception duties to a virtual service, trade and small businesses can save on the costs associated with hiring and training an in-house receptionist. Additionally, Just Ask Tash Virtual Reception Services provide a professional image, even for businesses without a physical office space, as calls are answered in a timely and professional manner.


The flexibility of a virtual reception service allows businesses to scale their operations and handle increased call volumes during peak periods without the need for additional staffing. Ultimately, a virtual reception service enables trade and small businesses to streamline their communication processes, improve customer service, and focus on core business activities, leading to enhanced productivity and growth.

Professional Call Answering Services: Elevate Customer Experience

Just Ask Tash | Virtual Reception Services

Just Ask Tash can perform a wide range of tasks to support a trade or small business with our Virtual Reception Services. Some of the key tasks that we can handle include:

  • Call Answering

    • Acting as the first point of contact, a virtual receptionist can answer incoming calls, greet callers professionally, and provide assistance or direct calls to the appropriate person or department.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    • Managing the business owner's calendar and scheduling appointments, consultations, and meetings with clients, suppliers, or partners.

  • Message Taking and Forwarding

    • Taking detailed messages from callers, including their contact information and the purpose of the call, and promptly forwarding them to the business owner via email or text message.

  • Customer Support

    • ​Providing basic customer support by answering general enquiries, addressing customer concerns or complaints, advising of business location and offering information about products, services, or business hours.

  • Call Routing

    • Directing incoming calls to the relevant team members or departments based on the nature of the call, ensuring efficient communication and minimising call transfers.

  • Outbound Calling

    • Contacting clients or customers to remind them of outstanding invoices or payments, ensuring timely payments and maintaining healthy cash flow.

    • Calling clients or customers to confirm upcoming appointments, ensuring their availability and reducing the chances of no-shows or rescheduling.

    • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys or gathering feedback on products or services.


  • Virtual Office Support

    • Offering additional administrative support such as managing email correspondence, organising documents, and handling basic data entry into Clients CRM databases.

Whilst the list provided above covers a wide range of services offered by Just Ask Tash, it is not an exhaustive compilation. If you have a project or task that requires assistance but it is not mentioned, we encourage you to contact us so that we can address your specific requirements. Just Ask Tash works with a number of subcontactors and can assist with work from Accounting to Graphic Design and everything in between.

*Please note that although I provide financial support, including expense management and basic accounting tasks, I am not a certified bookkeeper or accountant, and therefore, do not offer this particular service.

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