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Executive Assistance

An executive, with their multitude of responsibilities and demands, greatly benefits from the support of a virtual assistant. As an executive, time is a valuable and limited resource, and a virtual assistant can help maximise its efficiency.


Just Ask Tash can handle various administrative tasks, such as managing schedules, organising emails, and coordinating meetings, freeing up the executive's time for strategic thinking and decision making.


We can assist with research, data analysis, and report preparation, providing valuable insights and enabling informed decision making. Just Ask Tash can manage travel arrangements, handle correspondence, and ensure efficient communication, allowing the executive to focus on critical business matters. With our flexibility, adaptability, and diverse skill set, our services as an indispensable partner to an executive, providing support, efficiency, and enabling them to perform at their best.

How can we help with Executive/ Personal Assistance?

Just Ask Tash | Executive Assistance

Just Ask Tash can perform a wide range of tasks to support Executives. Some of the key tasks that we can handle include:

  • Calendar Management

    • Managing the executive's schedule

    • Setting appointments

    • Coordinating meetings with clients, partners, and team members.

  • Email and Communication Management

    • Monitoring and organising the executive's email inbox

    • Responding to routine messages

    • Filtering important communications

  • Travel Arrangements

    • Making travel arrangements

    • Booking flights, accommodations, and transportation

    • Ensuring a smooth travel experience.​

  • Document and Presentation Preparation

    • ​Assisting with document editing, formatting, and proofreading
    • Creating professional presentations

  • Research and Data Analysis

    • Conducting research on industry trends, competitors, and potential business opportunities

    • Summarising findings for the executive's review

  • Project Management

    • Assisting in project planning

    • Monitoring project progress

    • Coordinating with team members to ensure tasks are completed on time

  • Expense Tracking and Financial Management

    • Managing expense reports

    • Tracking business expenses

    • Organising financial records for the executive's review

  • Meeting and Event Coordination

    • Arranging meetings

    • Scheduling conference calls,

    • Preparing meeting agendas

    • Coordinating logistics for events and conferences

  • Personal Assistance

    • Handling personal tasks such as booking personal appointments

    • Managing personal calendars

    • Organising personal travel

    • Purchasing gifts

  • Confidentiality and Data Security

    • Maintaining strict confidentiality and ensuring the security of sensitive information and documents

If you would like to learn more about Dubsado, visit this page for details. Just Ask Tash can offer a special discount for new clients.

Whilst the list provided above covers a wide range of services offered by Just Ask Tash, it is not an exhaustive compilation. If you have a project or task that requires assistance but it is not mentioned, we encourage you to contact us so that we can address your specific requirements. Just Ask Tash works with a number of subcontactors and can assist with work from Accounting to Graphic Design and everything in between.

*Please note that although I provide financial support, including expense management and basic accounting tasks, I am not a certified bookkeeper or accountant, and therefore, do not offer this particular service.

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